Can we leverage landscape marketing to do $1,000,000 in sales?

Well, we never could.  Or so we thought.  Even just a few years ago it seemed impossible.  And it very well might be.  But you never know unless you try.  As our coach said to us recently, “what’s the worst that can happen—you hit the goal?”  Ouch.  But true.

What makes you reach one million and above?  The number one thing, and sorry if you’ve heard this before, is tracking.  Only when you see where your leads come from will you know what is working and what to spend money on.  Based on last year’s tracking, we’re putting a lot of money toward google ads and even Home Advisor this year.  A $46,000 Home Advisor job will do that to you!

Our Landscape Marketing Plan

We have our plan, based on our 2019 numbers, we have our budget and we’re ready to go for it!  There are SO many cool ideas this year—our 20th year in business (and 20th year of marriage).  We’re going to have some fun with this.   I’ll keep you posted…