Using Zillow for landscape marketing

This week’s landscape marketing podcast focuses on using Zillow for marketing.  What it means, basically, is to do searches for new houses that were purchased within the last three years that have water features.  It takes some getting used to and lots of playing around.  You will learn while searching that waterfall often leads to a waterfall shower.  And that people spell Koi all kinds of odd ways.  So look up Coy, Koy, Coi and any other spelling you can come up with!

Landscape Marketing– Repetition

The key here is like anything else with marketing.  It’s about repetition and continuity.  That is the part I tend to fail at.  I did Zillow great for a year, got a $26,000 job with it and then kind of let it go.  Big mistake!  When doing any marketing tasks, stay the course.  Of course, if you are spending thousands of dollars on something like traditional ads and seeing nothing, then that is different.  But when doing something relatively low cost like Zillow marketing (or email marketing) stay the course and keep at it.  You’ll be glad you did!