And what does it even mean?  Landscape marketing is complicated these days, as is all marketing.  Some people think social media is the end-all, be all.  It’s not.  It’s an important part of your marketing campaign, but that is all it is.  Don’t forget to market in a number of ways.  You need to have a physical presence places.  People buy from people they know.  I am not saying don’t have a social media presence.  But do MORE than that.  “OK,” you may say, “but some people are all over YouTube and make a killing.”  Yes, I would reply, a few do.  But let’s look at Aquascape Inc.’s Greg Wittstock and Aquascape as an example.  YouTube is HUGE for them, BUT they also do so much more.  They have blogs and emails to contractors and consumers and google ads and SEO and physical events.  Be like Aquascape.  Be everywhere you can be.  That’s my advice, at least!