A Marketing Meltdown

  Landscape Marketing Meltdown Landscape Marketing Meltdown I'm going to do it all my landscape marketing and pond marketing this winter-- all of it!  I think every year, optimistically.  If nothing else, I am very consistent.  Now is the time of year where I freak out about how much more I have left to do, how no clients have sent back their contracts and will we have enough work for spring? Or will we have too much work for spring?  And don't even get me started on hiring!  What to do?  I need to take my own advice, calm down and prioritize.  I truly believe that the reason many people ending up [...]


What is landscape marketing in 2020?

And what does it even mean?  Landscape marketing is complicated these days, as is all marketing.  Some people think social media is the end-all, be all.  It's not.  It's an important part of your marketing campaign, but that is all it is.  Don't forget to market in a number of ways.  You need to have a physical presence places.  People buy from people they know.  I am not saying don't have a social media presence.  But do MORE than that.  "OK," you may say, "but some people are all over YouTube and make a killing."  Yes, I would reply, a few do.  But let's look at Aquascape Inc.'s Greg Wittstock and Aquascape as an [...]


FaceBook Advertising

FB advertising FaceBook Advertising-- yay or nay? Such a trick question!  I have heard everything-- from it's the best thing ever to it's a waste of money!  My advice-- proceed with caution.  I think there is a place for FB ads, but only as a small part of your overall marketing plan.  Social media advertising can be tricky-- there are a lot of ins and outs and variables.  Landscape marketing is challenging enough and this ads another level of confusion. Part of your marketing plan-- not your whole plan My advice?  Try it for a few months and TRACK your leads.  Until you track every lead, you will never know where things [...]


The Million Dollar Goal

Can we leverage landscape marketing to do $1,000,000 in sales? Well, we never could.  Or so we thought.  Even just a few years ago it seemed impossible.  And it very well might be.  But you never know unless you try.  As our coach said to us recently, “what’s the worst that can happen—you hit the goal?”  Ouch.  But true. What makes you reach one million and above?  The number one thing, and sorry if you’ve heard this before, is tracking.  Only when you see where your leads come from will you know what is working and what to spend money on.  Based on last year’s tracking, we’re putting a lot of money toward google [...]

Happy New Year!

Happy 2020! It’s that time again—time for landscape and pond marketing solutions (we won’t keep) and goals (we may not meet).  My advice—don’t go crazy on this.  That’s my advice to me as well!  When you make reasonable, measurable goals you will succeed.  That’s what my marketing plan and budgets are to me—road maps to my success.  Don’t have your own plan done yet?  Check out my Top Ten Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for 2020. What strikes me in the “dos”?   The number one thing to do is to track your leads.  If you don’t know where your leads are coming from, how can you get more?  You can’t plan based on instinct and [...]