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EP164: The Secret of Not Getting Overwhelmed this Spring

Laura talks about the craziness of spring and the number one thing you need to do when you are super booked.

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EP163:The Secret of Having a Retail Operation

Laura talks to JoAnn Harju of Atlantis Water Gardens. JoAnn is a winner of Aquascape’s Retailer of the Year and has a lot of great information about why and how to have a retail operation.

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EP162: The Secret of Getting into Water Features

Laura talks to Franco Propato about how he is adding water features to his landscaping work.

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EP160: The Secret of Facebook ads

Laura talks to Carl Sorenson about FB ads and how you can run them yourself.

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EP159:The Secret to Vlogging

Ready to vlog but don’t know how to start? Laura talks to “Nick the Pond King” about how he got into vlogging and how it changed his whole business.

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EP158: The Secret to Getting Ready for Spring

Laura offers advice on how to get your marketing and company ready for spring.

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EP156: The Secret to Estimating

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