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EP224:The Secrets of Communication Basics part 2

The basics of communications continued, as we talk about blogs and social media

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EP223:The Secrets of Communication Basics part 1

Laura goes back to the basics with when to use the phone instead of texting and other uses for video than just vlogs.

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EP222:The Secret to Knowing How to Estimate

Laura talks to Million Dollar Academy’s Scott Molchan about estimating and knowing your numbers.

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EP221:The Secret to Getting Commercial Work

Laura talks to commercial landscape business owner and consultant David Swift on how to break in to or get more work in the commercial world.

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EP220:The Secret to Public Relations

Laura talks about what public relations is and what it means for your business.

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EP219:The Secret to FB vs Google Ads

Laura talks to Jake and Cody from Evergrow Marketing on the difference between Google and FB ads and which one should always be used first.

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EP218:The Secret to Getting the Most out of Conferences and Trainings

Laura gives advice for those going to Pondemonium, GIE or any other conferences and trainings.

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EP217:The Secret of Getting Ready for an Economic Downturn

Laura talks to Carla Policastro of Cycle CPA about what to expect and how to prepare for a possible economic downturn or recession.

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EP216:The Secret to Reputation Management

Laura talks to Jeff Duggins and Amiee Arnold on Reputation Management and why it is key to your company’s ongoing success.

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