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EP174:The Secret to Employee Motivation

Laura talks to Automate/Motivate CEO Daniel Dixon about how to motivate your employees

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EP173:The Secret of Accountability

Laura goes over the basics of accountability, including who to be accountable to and what to be accountable for.

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EP172:The Secret to Employee Satisfaction

Laura talks to Barbi from The Pond Gnome about how The Pond Gnome treats and respects their employees.

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EP171:The Secret to How AquaReale is doing in 2021

Laura and her husband Matt talk about the challenges and pluses 0f 2021 so far.

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EP170:The Secret to the Two Reasons You Need to Keep Marketing

Laura talks about the two main reasons you need to keep marketing, no matter how busy you are.

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EP169:The Secret to my favorite (and least favorite) apps

Laura talks about the apps she loves and ones she doesn’t love so much and how she uses apps to their full marketing potential.

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EP165: The Secret of Landscape Lighting Secrets

Laura talks to Ryan Lee, of Landscape Lighting Secrets, about general sales tips and what not to do.

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EP164: The Secret of Not Getting Overwhelmed this Spring

Laura talks about the craziness of spring and the number one thing you need to do when you are super booked.

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EP163:The Secret of Having a Retail Operation

Laura talks to JoAnn Harju of Atlantis Water Gardens. JoAnn is a winner of Aquascape’s Retailer of the Year and has a lot of great information about why and how to have a retail operation.

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