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EP246:The Secret to Having a Business Coach

Laura talks to her business coach about what a coach can accomplish and how to find the right fit.

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EP245:The Secret to Why You Need Systems

Laura talks about the reasons we all need systems

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EP244:The Secret to Finding a Manager

Laura talks to AquaReale’s Maintenance Manager about how he found us and how we worked together to create a position for him.

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EP243:The Secret to a Marketing Budget

Laura talks about why you need a marketing budget, how much you should spend and what items should be included.

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EP242:The Secret to Making Videos for Lead Generation

Laura talks to social media manager John Hawley about how to take the best videos for leads, not just views.

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EP241:The Secret to Dealing with Being Overwhelmed

Laura talks about being overwhelmed and what you can do to help yourself

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EP240:The Secret to Display Ponds – with Eric Triplett

Laura talks to Eric Triplett about the value of display features

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EP239:The Secret to Our Word(s) of the Year

Laura and Matt talk about their goals and words of the year and how to create small goals for success.

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EP238:The Secret to a Quick and Easy Marketing Plan

Laura shows how to create an easy marketing plan by updating hers live.

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