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EP215:The Secret of Being a “Legitimate” Business

From contracts to employee pay, it’s important to be legitimate as a business and it can save you time and money in the long run.  Here’s some recommendations from Laura.

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EP214:The Secret to Excellent Customer Service

Laura talks to AquaReale’s office manager, Sandy, about how we create excellent customer service for all.

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EP213:The Secret to Inexpensive Office and Social Media Help

Laura shares some ideas on finding office help and help with taking videos and photos and social media in general.

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EP212:The Secret to AquaReale’s Year So Far

Laura talks to AquaReale’s Matt Reale (her husband) about how our year is going so far with our pond company including what has worked and what we are struggling with.

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EP211:The Secret to Having Systems

Laura talks to Synked Up’s Fred Pape about the need for systems and where to start.

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EP210:The Secret to Customer Driven Growth

Laura talks to Nice Job’s Shawn Hill about how to understand and create customer driven growth.

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EP209:The Secret to Starting Out

Laura talks to Geoff Brown about him starting his own business and what he wishes he had known.

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EP208:The Secret to Online Marketing

Laura talks about online marketing efforts, including email marketing, blogs and vlogs.

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EP207:The Secret to Local Offline Marketing

Laura talks about ways to network locally to get more work and more referrals.

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