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EP199:The Secret to Tripling Your Business

Laura talks to Jeff Duggins of Outdoor Network Services on how he tripled his business with Google and FB ads.
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EP197:The Secret to a Quick Marketing Plan

Laura talks about the quick and easy three steps needed to set up a marketing plan for 2022.

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EP196:The Secret to Fix this Next

Laura talks to Scott Molchan about the Mike Michalowicz Fix this Next method

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EP195:The Secret to Lifescaping with Monique Allen

Laura talks to Monique Allen on how to create an work environment employees want to work at.

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The Secret to Knowing Who and When to Trust

Laura talks about the needs for oversight and checks and balances within your company.

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EP193:The Secret to Owing a Garden Center

Laura talks to Jason Duffney of Earthworks about the benefits and downfalls of having a garden center

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EP192:The Secret to Job Budgeting, Estimating and Costing

Laura talks to Fred Paper job from SynkedUp on how to budget, estimate and cost jobs.

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EP191:The Secret of Working with Builders and Realtors

Laura talks to Bill Reiman about how contractors can and should approach realtors and builders

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